EPHEMERID playing cards - the Collectors editions

Created by Mr Cup

Following the success of the first 2 editions of the Ephemerid deck, here come super limited collector versions!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

In transit !
7 months ago – Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 12:43:27 AM

Never thought a photo of cardboard boxes under plastic can makes me so happy... The transport finally picks up the decks...

This is the message I expect for months... In transit! So all the decks are now in the hands of customs and hope they will do they work quickly. For now, the delivery to me is planned for November 24th. Fingers crossed.

They will be delivered to my grandmother! Yes, it is a family business... She has a large garage on the ground floor of her home. My family has been in winemaking for generations (hey, I am french), so this place is where we store agricultural equipment ... It is the only place large enough to receive all these boxes. Then I'll go get the boxes there and thanks to you I can share a good meal with her. She is 90 and she thanks you for your support too!

The next step will be to bring the decks to my studio, on the second floor, and I think you also taking care of my health as it will be something... I will then prepare all your packages, with help from family too, which should take several days... I organize myself with the delivery service so that packages are sent every day when they are ready until everything is done. Still a little patience, we are so close.

Thanks again

Fabien www.mrcup-shop.com

I see the light...
8 months ago – Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 03:46:40 AM

My week (so far)

Monday 26th

Noir arts: Bank did not solve the problem yet, all customs papers are done, still waiting for their approval...

Wednesday 28th

Noir arts: We are all good, the bank resolved the problem. Packed and awaiting pickup! 

French government: a new lockdown in France until December 1st... no, no, no...

Thursday 29th

French government: they promise lockdown won't affect a business like mine.

Delivery service: they confirm everything will be proceed as normal.

Today (Friday 30th) :

Noir arts: We now have paperwork pre-approved. Courier scheduled pick up everything on Mon-Tue.


Thanks for all your support and patience... 

Shout-out: "Subjective Anatomy" Letterpress Art Prints

I met Mylène and Denis some year ago as we have a common letterpress printer friend in... Australia! They're probably the only Letterpress printshop on a boat! They are a family business and I explain how amazing the Kickstarter community is and they should launch a project! And they did it (I could use the same gif here)! 

Check and support here!


Still no cards ?
8 months ago – Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 06:59:15 AM

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The cards are... not arrived yet
9 months ago – Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 01:33:08 AM

So why an update? Because I am so tired of this situation, it is so frustrating to have everything slows down while I so want these decks to be in your hands (and mine). 

For now on I try to do all the other things to have everything ready... I am tired to say this Covid-19 reasons over and over, but I believe this affects very many layers. What should take 1 week take 3, why should take 3 take 9... Images are better than words even you may be tired of teasing you but it's all I can do by now.

Thanks for the amazing support and patience, and please stay safe, happy, and positive. I try to.

Fabien www.mr-cup.com  

They decks are... almost finished !
10 months ago – Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 12:24:07 PM

Hello, hope you are fine and safe in your part of the world.

I get the great news from Noir Arts that the decks would be all ready soon and sent to me next week or the week after. They explain to me the hot foil seals were not the best idea! It was a really long process to put them right on the decks...

For now, I send a final notice with backerkit to let you change your address if you need to. If not, you are fine.

Shout out: The Lepidopterist deck

I am very pleased that Ethan Kowaleski creates his first deck and launch it. Support it here.

Thanks a lot for your support and patience, more coming soon!

Fabien www.mr-cup.com